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  • the_genie_in_the_bottle the_genie_in_the_bottle Apr 11, 2000 4:01 PM Flag

    The reason I don't go to Staples

    Everything is overpriced. Just go to a catalog company and you'll get the same item at least 30% cheaper. That's the reason SPLS will go down the drain.

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    • Buy ODP and OMX!!!!!

    • Great.....we are all THRILLED that you don't shop at STAPLES...please don't post here anymore is obviously a WASTE of your time.

      Have a great life, loser!

    • based on that analysis there would be no brick
      and mortar stores left. Alot of people in the world
      like to "touch" the product, not just order it from a
      catalog. But if you like catalogs why don't you look at
      Quill which of course is owned by Staples, or if you
      like the net, log on to or both
      operated by Staples. They can't lose. 29 consectutive
      quarters of profits, growth, B2B coverage. Don't let a
      little time bother you, I went through this exact thing
      with Schwab. It slowly drifted lower and lower even
      though everyone said it was great. It got down into the
      middle 30's. Its now in the middle 50's and has been
      over 60 recently.

      Look at the valuations, make
      a decision, then believe in your decision. They
      have been selling about 5 million shares a day, with a
      price of $100,000,000 per day, some one is buying it.
      When the company gets noticed it will return to the
      upper 20's or lower 30's for a new resting place.

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      • the market overall. There's a lot of people that
        made a lot of money in the market last year. Record
        high after record high. This in the light of other
        preasures has created a lot of preasure in itself. Those
        taxes are due to be in the mail Friday. Those who
        haven't covered will be finalizing there tax selloff in
        the next day or two. This will relieve some of the
        preasure. It's been a busy couple of weeks, MSFT antitrust,
        all of the dot coms that continue to show losses.
        Every now and then the market has to clean itself up.
        Greenspans comments hasn't helped any. The strong will
        survive. If you have consistant good earnings, you will
        survive, and even if you don't have earnings, if you're
        making good progress in that direction, you'll survive
        as well. There are a lot of dot com's that are not
        going to survive simply because they will never show a
        profit. Staples is caught up in a high tech hype
        atmosphere where valuations are running wild. They are a
        solid company and they are the giant in there world.
        The bigger you are the more you sell the cheaper you
        buy the stuff. The difference in
        and other e-comerce is that staples really targets
        the small and mid size companys and offices. These
        customers have limited personel and they already know what
        they want or need. They virtually all have internet
        connections and if they can jump on their computer and order
        what they need and have it delivered that day for
        free, You tell me, What are they going to do. It's a
        real service and a cost savings to not have to send
        someone out for the supplies they need. They touch it and
        feel it everyday, they don't need to see if it's
        fresh. It's not like having to try on a pair of shows or
        pant's. It fits the printer everytime. This is a truely a
        service and time/cost savings for customers. They will
        aplaud it once they start using it. There is still a lot
        of distrust among the private sector about doing
        business over the internet and we are a long way from
        overcoming that but in business, it's not that way anymore.
        Most of the distrust people overcame was a result of
        conducting business through the internet on their jobs.
        Sorry, I got kind of carried away.
        Genie pissed me

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