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  • ihateclinton0 ihateclinton0 May 11, 2000 10:52 AM Flag

    I am sorry all SPLS longs

    I am the reason for the price dropping to 16.
    Whatever stock I buy it immediately drops. I bought in at
    26, then more at 21.

    I bought SPSC at 51 and
    it just hit 31. I also bought SFE at 94 and it is
    now around 40.

    Sorry guys - do the opposite of
    me and you will prosper!

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    • I shoot Trap, Skeet , and Sporting clays... I
      like a moving target. It gives them a fighting
      chance... and me a good chalenge... It keeps you thinking
      on the speed, angle, what chokes and shell to
      use.... I get board with a target that don't

      The Thompson/contender is a great gun I here..
      shoot nothing but Beretta's. 682 gold, and 391


    • What you shooting? I'm mostly into 'metal
      silhouette' with a Thompson/Contender. I'm into reloading,
      have own 100 meter range, full-auto M-11 Cobray
      legally owned, all sorts of odds and ends...All us Staple
      guys/hunters/gun-nuts should get together one of these days!

    • Yes, it seems like he's been talking shit for a lot of good companies. Take a look and make your own conclusions:

    • Over 260 in a couple of days. All saying the same
      stuff, No good, Short this, ect.
      Your a pretty busy
      boy typing all the time,
      with nothing to say.

      gs,trac,gnet,goto, askj,ndb,bids,eccs,sch,ge,

      and then I said to hell with it, and him

    • Let me throw my darts into the dart board and see
      what I hit,, that will tell me that I should do then.
      If I hit a double I will double up on my stock, if I
      hit a triple I will triple up on it. If I hit a
      double bull, I will put every dime I own into it and eat
      beans till it blows the roof off....


    • not to worry.

    • Truth is, Most of the time in the past few weeks,
      the market has been working with minimal volumn. When
      that happens you can throw the technicals out the
      windows. The factors controling the market are sporadic
      and unpredictable. In small volumn markets, the day
      traders have a larger influence on price and as a rule
      the overall trend will be for a stock to slip down.
      The Money has been coming out of the market in all
      sectors, not just retail, and has not been going back in.
      Most of the big money managers and their big money
      clients are holding their money on the side looking for
      some sign of a bottom. They may get that sign Tuesday
      from greenspan. With all the key indicese showing that
      inflation has eased, we may only see a .25 increase in the
      prime, That will pump the market short term because .50
      has been priced into the market. The problem with a
      .25 is that a speculative situation will still exist
      as to whether it's enough. If he raises it .50
      points I think that the market will look at it as enough
      and maybe too much which would relax fears for a
      while and pump the market more long term and if the
      next months numbers come in anti inflationary, he can
      leave it like it is or even lower it a quarter point,
      either of which will continue to help market conditions.
      My vote would be for a .50 this time. Then the
      market will be at odds at the end of summer over the
      election. Two years ago it was the asian market crisis,
      last year y2k, this year,
      interest rates,
      elections, It's always something, as long as it trends up
      year after year that's what's important to longs and
      shorts alike.

    • Hey, chipman, an interesting way of spelling
      Phuck. Can I add to it for Oblin the short.
      PHUCK EWE OBLIN. bahhhhhhhh.

    • But.., it is not that they are buying now in the market. you must understand what is happening. Any way all the best.

    • I am glad I can be of help to you. I just don't see any reason to buy before earnings. If you're right then I will be happy for you.

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