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  • moog9626 moog9626 Jun 16, 2000 2:05 PM Flag

    CLOWN-doenst understand ESPP

    Employee stock purchase plan takes the lower of
    the price at the beginning and end of the purchase
    and then deducts 15% for the ee benefit.... seems
    clownriver is just another ex-staples employee who wasnt a
    hard enough worker to reap the benefits of the option

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    • Staples is certainly one of the leaders among the hybrid retailers, now referred to as the dot-bams (brick and mortars). Very encouraging write-up.

    • BRICK & MORTARS FIGHT BACK -- After sitting on
      the e-commerce sidelines for toolong, many
      brick-and-mortar retailers have fought back hard to grab some
      vitalonline real estate
      Sat Jun 17 00:11:00 EDT 2000

      Jun. 16, 2000 (InternetWeek - CMP via COMTEX) --
      Dotcom retailers, brandishing
      fully-loaded bags of
      cash and bravado, staked claim to the e-commerce turf
      a few
      years back by muscling in on timid
      brick-and-mortars, enticing consumers with
      cheap prices and perks
      like free shipping. And while they wounded many
      companies, what's clear following this spring's market
      correction is that the
      retail pure-plays are on the
      decline and the online brick-and
      dotbams-have fought back strong with a highly successful

      Take, the online arm of Staples Inc. in
      Framingham, Mass. The
      company's push to compete and
      improve online customer service prompted a
      revamp in early May of the office supplier's
      18-month-old site. streamlined the checkout
      process, installed two new search tools,
      added several
      small business services and improved purchasing
      management. It
      also created a centralized one-stop rebate
      center in response to complaints that
      tracking down
      forms and information around the site was

      "We listened to customers and have collected consumer
      feedback since the first
      launch," says CIO Mike
      Ragunas. He says Staples took advantage of user
      groups, an in-house users group and an independent survey
      to identify customer

      Many other
      dotbams are also working feverishly to enhance the
      experience. This spring, announced plans to
      double staff and expand
      operations over the next
      year, including building two new fulfillment
      J.C. Penney relaunched its plus-size apparel site for
      women in March, offering a
      browser tool that lets
      shoppers create a replica of their body dimensions
      then models clothing choices. And Barnes & Noble
      unveiled its own university in
      late May, offering book
      consumers a customized site for online learning.
      Article can be found on RB-SPLS board, click on Comtex
      link at bottom of the page)

    • SPLS has been including the losses from their
      website since day one, contrary to some companies like
      Disney. But this will change once the SDOT tracking stock
      gets kicked off at the end of this month. After that,
      each will have a separate report and SPLS will
      strongly rise to the occasion. I think that people
      (especially big institutions) are starting to realize this,
      and are currently buying SPLS like there's no
      tomorrow. Check out Thomson I-Watch... Incredible buying
      going on, folks. I say we'll hit mid 20's by the end of

    • eom

    • pressure on management to increase sales and pay
      closer attention to limit losses. It is hard to report

      a 20 million loss on only 53 million
      in sales.
      The quarter ends June
      30th and mutual funds have
      to report
      this is why spls is moving
      sdot is having a good quarter.

    • Found this on NetCognizance...
      Staples has decided to include losses from their website (SDOT) on their quarerly statements, but other companies aren't so forthcoming...

    • expiration day on options is looming. i see some people who bought in at the 52 week lows of the options possibly driving this baby up for a nice profit.

    • PR says> Company spokeswoman Shannon Lapierre
      said the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission asked
      Staples to report earnings on a consolidated basis,
      rather than excluding the Internet losses.<
      Hmmm..seems to me SDOT will not REALLY be a tracking stock
      after all, but rather just a convienant means of
      keeping tabs on their internet division,i.e. it's still
      going to be ALL Staples. At any rate, looks like
      announcement was recieved well (stock price gain). Anyone else
      have any thoughts on it?

    • that when the parent company (SPLS) reports its quarterly earnings, it will do it without reporting the losses of SDOT. So it's pure kickass profits from there on.

    • I wonder what this means for the tracking stock?

      One of the key benefits of a tracking stock is that
      you can split out the and isolate the high
      start up costs. Thoughts?

      I'm writing to Staples
      to see if I can get any information.

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