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  • patient2invest patient2invest Sep 3, 2013 2:21 PM Flag

    Retail isn't dead

    Prices on retail stocks indicate that it is dead but my shopping experiences here in the Seattle area the last couple of weeks indicate different. The area's largest mall was packed yesterday. It looked like Christmas at the mall. Yes, there was Labor Day sales going on but they weren't any better priced than any other year.

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    • I'm up 13.7% since my last purchase of clothing retail stocks in one month. CHS is the lowest for gain though at 8.7%. I see further upside as Wall Street took notice of Macy's earnings and projections for Christmas. It will be a Merry Christmas this year, better than Wall Street has anticipated so far.

    • Checking in after a long hiatus...I've been keeping my eye on the stock, but can't get enthusiastic again. From a personal perspective, it appears that no one is ever in the WH/BM stores. Chico's still doing a good business. My female friends (who are in the target market) still like the Chico's clothing, but are lukewarm on Soma (they don't like the prices). Regards, Spaz

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      • Yes, my wife likes Chico's but doesn't buy much from WH/BM or Soma. I sold out in the high 17's on this recent rise, but can't decide at what price to buy back in. Where do the rest of you see the future pps going short term? Long term looks good for Chico's but I don't know what to think about WH/BM and Soma and I don't know what percentage each subsidiary contributes to the total revenue and earnings.

        Also, does anyone have any recommendations for stocks that remain under-valued or reasonably valued? My top pick for the next six months is IMOS, which is just now being discovered by Wall Street. It will have massive free cash flow and earnings for such a small company, but the picture will not become obvious until it has finished its corporate re-structuring and become listed on the Taiwan exchange. I bought it at $2/share (reverse split adjusted) and it is now at $19. I expect it to rise to $25 or $30 in 2014.

        I took a small position in CSCO after the 12% haircut two weeks ago because the 3.2% divvy and the pps now seems reasonable for the first time in more than a decade.

        I still like GE's prospects for the future as it gets rid of its financial branch and becomes a pure industrial play (I suspect that the pps will go back above $30 when the finance dept is sold).

        I've been thinking about buying some TWO because of the 11% divvy and the fact that the REITS have been beaten down.

        HIMX is a speculative play, but I've been making some bucks buying it on dips and selling on leaps. It's a provider of Google glass and has lots of other stuff in the works.

        I've built up a moderate position in DHI because of the 20% short position, the probability that home sales will rise as the economy improves, and the pps is low enough in relation to earnings, etc, that the downside risk is minimal.


      • My wife is shopping Soma more and more.

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