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  • listen_jockers listen_jockers Nov 17, 2011 2:14 PM Flag

    Do u trust corrupt Indians..any one

    There is need for change.

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    • I am certain that they dont like change. The minimum tip is now Rs 10/.and rising.

      Indians are not corrupt. Most have a shrine at home and do their daily worship asking their patron God to enable self, family and relatives to have a better life. They often tell me that their Gods expect an offering. Corruption can never thrive unless the Giver and taker trust each other. Because of rampant corruption it is most certain that the Vedic people are the most trustworthy people on the planet.

      It is thru such mediation that they have become the worlds best transaction analysts. They are the first to spot the road bloc , the heirarchy involved , and the ratio of response to incentive along the entire command chain. This is buisness science on the fly. In the west we wrongly label this as corruption but the Vedic people consider this a prerequiste for Buisness Adminstration.

      You can never root this out. It is now a part of the genetic make up on that subcontinent.We should in fact realize that our Govt realizes that we need suck skills here to ensure we speed up the decision making process.

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