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  • mowine mowine Dec 30, 1999 6:05 PM Flag


    i did a long message last night dealing with some
    of the issues wiley faces but hit the wrong button.
    first of all, while i recognize that some of my
    comments might appear too ad hominem and consequently
    seems to raise the hackles of some on this board, the
    essence of what i say is true.
    bottom line, while the
    company has a terrific franchise, whihc i believe it is
    wasting and a lot of assets, the market, meaning wall
    street, could care less. the decision to pay 58 million
    for the Pearson titles and another 100 million for
    that outfit in SanFran, signals to the investment
    community that the company is in no way interested in
    selling out. for value players, this presents a
    now, it is my opinion that the family rues the day the
    company went public since they do not like to have bass
    reps on the board. the last time there was a hostile
    shareholder, a guy down in Princeton, they bought out his
    if you look at the history of the stock, it has
    ramped when outsiders have made threatening
    as a fundamental investment, the company's margins
    are still way under industry norms.
    in any case,
    the market has given you a roundtrip on this stock.

    if the market perceived that the family was willing
    to do what cch and west did a few years back, then
    you would see higher prices.
    as to technology,
    mr. elliot, do not be so defensive in your support of
    the luddite disposition of the vp of marketing in
    how do YOU know him?
    by the way, i have no ax to
    grind--i do not own shares, i am not short shares, but i
    am an investor and quite successful one.
    so i
    hope you see higher prices but please stop with this
    blind allegiance to what has been a dog this year. no
    one cares.

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