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  • pixelated23 pixelated23 Feb 22, 2000 1:58 PM Flag


    go away. This stock obviously causes you great
    pain and consternation. For your own well being, I
    advise that you cease your constant monitoring of its
    performance. If you own any shares, sell them, as it is
    unlikely to begin performing on par with in the
    near term. It is a very closely held stock, and moves
    in patterns rather seperate from the whims of
    individual investerors.


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    • on the public stock thing...sorry about
      that...just saw on the chart that it didn't begin until 1995,
      which I guess is when it began on NYSE...thanks for the

      Also, I never meant to say that Wiley would become the
      predominant ecommerce or epublishing site on the Web. I only
      meant that, in the areas in which Wiley competes
      (architecture, graphic design, chemistry, physics, psychology,
      engineering, culinary arts, etc.) they are setting themselves
      up to compete aggressively online. You're right that
      this will take a shift in the culture of the company,
      the same as for any old-media company. Wiley has
      successfuly made these massive paradigm shifts in their past
      193 years (distillery to tract bookstore, tract
      bookstore to publisher of fiction, fiction to sci/tech,
      sci/tech to professional and trade, sci/tech/prof/trade to
      new media and etext?) and I have full confidence in
      their ability to make this latest transition. The
      leadership is there for this move and they have the staff
      and financial backing to make it happen. Content is
      content is content is content whether the means of
      production and distribution change is irrelevant. And,
      believe it or not, the new distribution models for etext
      and new media bode better for the producers of that
      media (publishers) than for the channels of
      distribution (Barnes and Noble, Borders, BOTMC, etc). Without
      the need for the middleman, customers can go directly
      to the source and purchase the products at a
      fraction of the cost necessary today--for without
      bookstores demanding their tithe for distribution,
      publishers will finally have more actual say over the price
      of their products and higher profit margins because
      of it.

      Finally, Wiley's focus on must have
      reference works, journals and collegiate textbooks will
      translate better to new media than the low priced current
      events and soft science products being brought to market
      by many of their competitors. See Barlow's "The
      Economy of Ideas" for more on how this model might play
      out in the coming years.


    • i am not long the shares pixie. i realize the "b"
      shares, whcih are the supervoting shares, are controlled
      by the family, or as you observe, so "tightly held."

      i am not in pain. the chart, however, is.
      i am
      glad to see that you think the shares should be
      if i can flush out a few more of you people, i just
      might step up to the plate.
      by the way, pixlated,
      where have all the editors gone????

      • 1 Reply to mowine
      • I don't believe the shares should be sold since I
        am in full support of this company and believe it
        has a bright future ahead of it. I simply think that
        you have obvious issues with this company, and thus
        should refrain from dwelling on it. It's for your own
        good--we're concerned about you, Mowine. You've lost your
        color, and that twinkle is gone from your eyes. You need
        to learn to _love_ yourself, Mowine.

        And to
        whom exactly do you refer to when you pointedly ask,
        "where have all the editors gone"? You obviously know
        something that has troubled you greatly--do tell. As far as
        I'm aware, there are plenty of quality editors at
        Wiley (and production people, and marketers, and
        support staff, and warehouse managers, and new media
        staff, and...). They recently lost one very good editor
        from the business group, but he left to start an
        internet company with a $10million bankroll he had
        secured--and there's little anyone can do to halt attrition in
        the age of .com. But one editor does not a company
        break. Not to put too fine a point on it, but, he has
        already been replaced since he was replaceable (as
        everyone is). Lest you forget that Professional publishing
        is not the personality cult of Trade publishing.
        There are no Judith Regans, and will never be in a
        Sci/Tech house. Leave that stuff to

        So, I'm wondering, are you a masochist? Why, if you
        own shares in this company, do you go on a public
        forum to kvetch about it in your oh so suggestive
        manner? Is this the way to drive up the shares so you can
        make your profit? Or do you enjoy shooting yourself in
        the foot? Remember, nobody likes a killjoy, you big
        sourpuss :-(

        Go with God, Mowine.

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