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  • PantherQuick PantherQuick Mar 9, 2000 3:56 PM Flag

    which economy?

    I had really thought of this company as a possible New Economy company, but obviously the market is saying it's an Old Economy stock. They must be screwing up their Internet strategy.

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    • They should hire SeraNova, a division of Intelligroup (ITIG), to help them with their Internet strategy. SeraNova is one of the best in the business.

    • Regarding technology and college pubs. I just
      returned from a tech conference where the usual distance
      learning system providers were lined up in a row.
      Blackboard, eCollege, WebCT etc... My take is that most profs
      couldn't care less about actually using that stuff and are
      doing the typical "I won't adopt unless you offer..."
      I'm not so sure Wiley is wrong to take a go
      slow approach. Look at the money MH dumped on Top
      Class and Thomson invested in a loser testing system.
      What return did they get?
      Publishers still view
      technology as a way to get adoptions of books. It becomes
      just another free supplement that increases the price
      of the text. Its been that way for twenty years.
      These DL systems were supposed to finally enable
      publishers to make a direct content sale to the student. The
      first large adopter who said, "what, have my students
      pay"? got the whole deal for free. Ending any hope for
      a new business model.

      They should take any
      excess cash and invest outside the traditional business.
      I just don't think blowing money on "me too"
      technology offerings will pay off.

    • at least one conceived by people who have any idea about the internet.

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      • Please, specifics. Give us details and insider
        information. Why have they no strategy? Why are their
        ecommerce people clueless? Have they not initiated an RFP
        from technology companies? Have they not promoted key
        people to their electronic publication operations? Have
        they not been hiring skilled and knowledgeable people
        to implement their well defined, yet conservative,
        electronic strategy? Are they not key players in the DOI
        initiative? Is the sum of your opinion based on their hideous
        blue webpage?

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