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  • follybuilder follybuilder Sep 12, 2011 5:01 PM Flag

    Information Required

    Where do you think we are heading with this stock? My information is that we could expect a number of announcements between now and the year end but I was wondering what other posters are thinking.

    Kind regards

    Inspector Clouseau also known as “Folly”

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    • I think you will see some additional announcements... specifically the result of clinical trials on Ampion. Additionally, I think (hope) you will see some more marketing/development partnerships on Zertane, and possibly the stock getting some coverage and a market maker.

      Companies with drugs with the kind of blockbuster potential of Ampio can very readily command market caps in the $300M to $500M range. That could be a double of the current Ampio price. However, there are some issues here. The company needs to get investor interest - a market maker or two, analyst coverage - and also more partnerships for its development and marketing efforts. The South Korea deal was a start, and bringing the lady from Pfizer was huge.

      In addition, there is the issue of the large number of shares from the Ampio acquisition of DMI that will become free trading (no longer subject to a lock-up agreement) in January. The company is starting to allow those shares to slowly get into the market beginning on Thursday. It is a smart move for the company and shareholders, but it is yet to be seen how the market wil react to the approximately 400,000 shares per month that can be available. Based on recent daily voume, the 400,000 (if it is even that much) can be readily absorbed, but recent volume (yesterday and today) has been down.

      The answer to your question... anybody's guess... and there are a number of factors at work simultaneously. The way I look at it, in the long term the value of the company - and thus the stock - will be based on the value of the science and the drug candidates they have. On that basis, the potential of this stock is huge. they have 190 patents and patent applications, and the science is awesome. Again, in the long run, i can see this company having market cap in excess of $500M, and a stock that could be high as $20. Risks abound. There is the potential of additional dilutive share offerings and the like, but this may very well be one of those stocks where you look back and say "If only I invested then."

      Hope this helps. Do you own due diligence. Read their SEC filings. Go to their website. You can see systematic and deliberate steps to make this a highly valuable company. the question is whether they will be successful at doing so.

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