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  • waywol waywol Jul 2, 2012 12:05 PM Flag

    No Fear of Shorts or Adam F!!

    Traders who are concerned about Adam F, Adam Gefvert, the banker or other shorts should relax. They already shot their wads - both barrels by that crooked banker. What is there to talk about that they haven't already tried(lied)??
    The market absorbed 4 million shares Friday and is headed OVER that today!! So small investors can't buy those volumes! The SHORTS are buying to cover - and since short interest was only about 2.7M shares, there is BIG money buying AMPE in addition to the covering. Good luck to all!

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    • Agree with dkotanto..

      In all of the excitement, stock movement and news, a major unnoticed event has taken place.

      For months on end shorts, and others, have talked about the devastation of this stock once the 8,000,000+ shares of former DMI shareholders are released for sale.

      Guess what? All of those shares are off restriction as of today. AMPE may not close in the 6s today, but the large "overhang" of the DMI shareholders, long a reason to be short on this stock, is now gone. As one of those shareholders (whose restriction ended on 12/31/11), I never considered it an issue, as I have kept my 100,000+ shares, and plan to do so until the stock is in the mid teens, which I expect within 9 to 12 months.

      I just find it interesting that not a single word has been said about 25% of the company's stock coming onto the market in one day - and the market not only absorbing them, but taking the stock up! It just shows how much more strength there is here than would first be apparent.

    • As usual waywol, thanks for your insight. Your posts are of a great value and I look forward to reading them everytime. Best of luck to you and all the longs in this board that have hold on through the ups and downs and have weathered the Adam F and the likes attacks. The truth is prevailing. GO AMPE!

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