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  • boatgas1 boatgas1 Jul 22, 2012 1:07 PM Flag

    AMPE long investors please read

    Greetings, As a long time long invetor in numerous sucessful pharmas I feel AMPE will be a winning company and provide a generous return for the long investor. That being said if you have done any research you will know that AMPE has been the target of numerous short attacks because it is a small company and easy to manipulate. As a long investor you must also know that stock manupilation is fraud though the SEC rarely investigates as the shorts are in ties with the large hedge funds who in turn are in ties with the SEC. It's easy money and that's why they promote it even though it is fraud and costs invesors billions of dollars each year. If you are long AMPE and want to see the company prosper as well as gain significant capital from your investment I encourage you to send an e-mail to:, I am compiling a database of investors to send out information so we can invest together for a common goal. We will also together post articles of factual information and spread the word for new investors. At current prices AMPE is a stock that could make us all very wealthy, of course that all depends on FDA approvals and such but let's work together and help AMPE help millions of Americans and others who suffer from the ailments that AMPE is working to cure. Send an email today and let's work together to publish the truth.

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