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  • bpryutg bpryutg Aug 24, 2012 5:07 PM Flag

    Motley Fool article deleted, I think this may have been a scam

    They completely deleted the Motley Fool article for reasons unknown. I fear it may have been some kind of a scam, which means huge gap down Monday if so.

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    • Article is well written and seems verifiable. Yahoo will not allow link to be posted but look at traderinvestoralert

    • Yikes, I am very worried. I bought a LOT of shares Fri on the basis of the fool article that has now been deleted. Have been researching ampe all weekend. Company sounds promising but very risky.
      Not sure what to do at this point. They certainly dont have many employees and most of the execs are really getting old. Usually execs at a developing company are much younger. Would appreciate hearing any thoughts or advice from others. Would also like to hear more reaction to the motley fool fiasco. TY

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      • Give them a call. Dr. Bar-Or is real and the science has proved 100% correct in every trial done so far. Is AMPE risky - absolutely. Is the age of its executives important - no as within a year to 18 months they will either have FDA approval on one or more productes or be out of $$. If they get Ampion approved it is a $1B sort of drug. Optina a similar sort of drug. A success with any makes AMPE worth immediately $30-50 if they market themselves. Then you have licensing fees and possible big pharma options and buyouts probable.

        As to Motley Fool - I have not seen the article and do not invest based on SA or MF. Both have had good information at times but many articles are puff pieces that either try to enrich the author or manipulate the info.

      • I am a long time AMPE investor and I can tell you the company is real and has a huge pipeline getting ready to unfold. I have a tremendous investment and would not risk it if I felt otherwise. Call them and ask questions if you have concerns, I have and they are great to deal with. Check out the local history of the doctors doing the development in Denver, their background and accomplishments are staggering. Go Ampe

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      • Do your own research before buying! I certainly never believe anything from "Seeking Alpha", but surprised that "Fool" has degenerated into that level. Was excited by the article first, but after doing half an hour reading, including publication of clinical trials in peer reviewed journals, I decided to stay on the sideline for this stock

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    • Do you think 3 drugs in pivital trials is an FDA scam. Think again.

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    • I think the street of cnbc or yahoo the do it

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    • No... I think it's Mötley Fool that's the scam. I find this very disheartening and will cancel with Mötley Fool. They appear to take sides.

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    • try to post some google cache links about the article but the new message board wont allow hyper links. google cache shows the article was written on 2012/08/18. Also, all the link in Richard Cavalli section seems to be completely deleted.

      search google with "new study projects pharma's next big winner " and google cache will show all the original text.

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