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  • jabbonda jabbonda Aug 27, 2012 7:00 PM Flag

    dkotanto I Have a question for you or amyone else in the know

    Why cant ampe protect share holder value by better planning the release of positive news Especially if its legit, maybe like back to back one article on Friday followed by another on Monday, Otherwise it certainly has the strong appearance of a typical pump on Friday and and over the weekend into the first half of Monday and slowly but SURLY dumping on the second half of Monday right into after hours time after time, Me personally I know the game but many don't and get hurt believing the pump.

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    • We hear a lot of talk about 'Pump & Dump" but so far there has not ever been in "Dump". Ampio shareholders have not been selling because they know their shares will be much higher soon. Even then, I doubt if there will be any selling by Ampio insiders because they have far too much to gain just by holding.

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    • I agree with your other response, I consider it just daily swings. When official news from the company breaks it will be the ride we are waiting for but for now my advice is just study the price and momentum so you are ready for the big move later in the year. I am long but I do day trade a few shares on the swings just to learn and keep it interesting. AMPE will soon deliver the big score but you have to be patient and ready when it happens.

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    • Responding to every MF or SA article would be a waste of money. I think most everyone is giving little value to the articles going both ways. If you are suggesting AMPE hold data from a study until it counters a negative article. Bad idea since it is called manipulation and is illegal. I think most with AMPE get the game. In the end the medical trail results will make the final score.


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