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  • superforce_57 superforce_57 Jan 23, 2013 3:38 PM Flag

    What happened today?

    ..big sell off. Is this due to comments about Zertane during the investor presentation yesterday? They certainly didn't make it clear just what exactly they plan on doing with Zertane.

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    • Shares have lost a little more than half of their recent gain suggesting we may have seen the end of this selloff. Risk to being long is small and rewards gigantic. Risk of getting caught on the short side if a major announcement is made is huge and rewards are tiny. Take your pick!

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      • there is hardly any short interest- and most brokerages don't allow short under $5-- scottstrade, for instance, which is the one I use doesn't allow it.
        Also, the volume is miniscle, so any shorting done in a day-- say 50K shares, would only be $200K AND even that volume of shorting would strongly move the stock to the negative.
        Again, this is not a shorting stock for the volume and price is too small.
        What this stock is is a cash cow for the main stockholders and us outsiders are here simply to buy the hype and it'll prove to be worthless.
        Look up the patents that they hold--- go to the US Patent Office and type it in. Especially look up the patents filed in the past by the chief scientist.
        Also, look up the CEO's past. And what he did with his previous company. This is the SAME.
        You can make money with the stock, but only if you buy low-- like it's coming to $3.5 again likely shortly and within a month or two to $5 and back again.

    • The immediate outcome of Zertane was not spelled out but it was also not thrown out. And Ampion and Optina are about to start final phase III trials that are only 12 weeks in duration. And they are both at low risk

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    • Have you ever heard of profit taking, Some tree shaking, Accumulating on dips, And if your truly worried don't be There was more buying then selling today and No matter what they decide to do with zertane it will be good for the share price and the company future because it will bring money. Also look at it this way that recent news took us from 4.00 to 445 and probably drift a little higher to 4.50 to rest awhile before more news hits the wire. Hang tight my man

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