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  • josephanastasiw josephanastasiw Jan 29, 2013 2:06 PM Flag

    Thanks SA for a stupid article...

    No one asked for your opinion and now we have to deal with another 4% drop. #$%$

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    • That dude had nothing good to say about Ampio, how is that possible (and - or) legal? So how do I get a piece published on Seeking Alpha? Ampio has thousands of participants in three month trials, FDA has looked at the ongoing data and is set to respond. Clinical research organizations are working in this regard right now, who cares if it costs 12 million and requires a secondary offering to finance, that is a puny amount of shares anyway. Shorts might get hammered by any good news. We are expecting a 30 day response letter coming from the FDA any day now, what if that is a good one--- and with limited volume the shorts have to cover in addition to the heavy buying pressure.

      That is what a binary event looks like, hit article or not.

    • joe,

      its EXTREMELY OBVIOUS that this article was written by short interests looking to create selling so they can cover their position before any explosive news is released.

      • 1 Reply to racavalli
      • there is no substance to this article and in fact . . . it looks very similar to the articles written in december last year by "the banker" who wrote the articles that drove shares to $2.54 and damaged the company's ability to raise funds.

        small short players have singled out AMPE because they were never vetted by a major banker and therefore have NO FOLLOWING so it is very easy to manipulate their stock. very easy. there is no downtick rule in place and its easy to write negative articles like the one today that is CLEARLY unfounded information and DECEPTIVE to accommodate the shorts.

        All of my previous articles were based on facts that were all substantiated and verifiable. My only error was that I was a few months premature but the substance is all there and has not changed.

        the shorts might be able to take it down a lot lower but not for long because there is too much news about to hit that should be explosive.

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