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  • racavalli racavalli Jan 30, 2013 12:52 PM Flag

    why ampe is undervalued - response to ampiooooooh

    Re: Re: the article blasting AMPE is working well to help the shorts cover their position before major news hits
    by racavalli . 21 minutes ago . Permalink
    This is a key question to the current valuation problem the company has had since day 1.

    When Ampio's shareholders and management decided to become a publicly traded company, they weighed their options. 1 - do traditional IPO and take a year longer and pay a million or more in the a shelf company that is already approved for trading and is deemed to be liability free.

    To save time and money, they chose to buy a shelf company. That meant that no known bankers EVER had any knowledge of the company. No bankers ..... Except for the questionable and not followed Aegis and Fordham . . . . No coverage . . . . no visibility except for the visibility I brought to the company with my articles that were all true and where everything was substantiated.

    The basic simple fact that absolutely cannot be denied is that INVESTORS WILL NOT INVEST TO ANY SIGNIFICANT DEGREE IN ANY STOCK THAT IS NOT FOLLOWED BY MAJOR BANKERS. THAT IS A CARDINAL RULE ON WALL STREET. Look as hard as you can and you will never find any company whose stock did well for any extended period of time that was not covered by major or well known analysts and bankers.

    The only bankers the company has ever dealt with are two very tiny, very unknown and very unfollowed firms called Fordham and Aegis.

    If you look into this, you will see that there is not one known banker who covers AMPE.

    Management says they don't want to pay the high fees.

    I undertand, but the big question is ...... was this wise?

    I personally do not think so because if they did the traditional IPO path, based on current comps in the marketplace, AMPE shares would be selling at least $20 per share instead of $3.79 and headed much lower.

    I have been accused of writing articles to pump the stock which implies there is going to be a dump and somebody will profit. First, there has never been a seller trying to take advantage of my articles and second, my ONLY mission was to share their unusually exciting story with the investment community that knows nothing about them and still doesn't because management doesn't have a clue about how their shares are valued and they certainly does not know how to get their story out. Everytime they issue a press release that is good news, the stock drops. What does that tell you.

    I believe this company knows what it is doing with their business and is going to surprise on the upside eventually even in spite of themselves, but I also believe their shares would be much much higher today , , , , and tomorrow, if they only knew how to get out of their own way and talk to shareholders the same way the more successful companies do.
    Sentiment: Strong Buy but be patient and average down.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • mjakobczak9 Jan 30, 2013 1:39 PM Flag

      Why do you keep saying that it will head much lower short term?

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      • because the shorts are definitely now in control and the company just sits back and says nothing to respond. they just don't know what they are doing when it comes to IR.

        Management doesn't have a clue how to deal with the investment community and their head of IR is a very young man who is very green and has no experience to be able to help.

        The flip side though is that the company could come out with a major announcement at any time that will probably send shares to between $8 and $10 instantly.

        I wouldn't want to be short Ampio because there is too little to gain and way to much to lose.

        On the other hand, the investors who are long have very little to risk and huge returns to gain in a very short timeframe.

        Ampio is a screaming buy but it would be a much better buy if management knew how to handle IR like the successfully traded companies.

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Great.

      Now can you explain how you think AMPE could have done a Phase 3 study of Zertane in the US without it being posted on the FDA website.....

      Too funny

      "My understanding is that the final phase III trial has already been completed and that they are only waiting for the FDA's response. I believe these trials took place in the U.S. recently."

      Were these studies posted on the FDA clinical trials website? No......

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      • yes . . .you are correct that a search into would reveal any trial in the u.s. and zertane has not been done in the u.s. there was a great deal of uncertainty that the company still has not clarified about macalusos comments from the noble presentation the other day.

        in the recent noble presentation, macaluso said that the questionnaire portion of the trial has been done and they are waiting to hear from the fda. once the fda approves it, assuming it is approved and not denied, then their pharma partner, if they are still interested, will take over the phase III trial that will probably go fairly quickly.

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

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