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  • goingreen11 goingreen11 Jan 31, 2013 10:23 PM Flag

    Hello racavalli


    I appreciate all the info. you shared with us, you seem to be very informed to whats going on and you seem to understand and explained things very well. I`m a long with a decent investment and i`m praying you right in what you think because I thought the same when I invested but unlike you the shorts have a way of shaking my confidence but let me say thanks for posting and I really hope we hear some news by feb. 15 th as reported by the company awhile back. Thanks again

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    • Very few things are 100% certain but the odds of a major announcement soon followed by a steady flow of announcements dealing with the pivotal trials of other drugs starting now are very high. I believe AMPE shares will hit new highs instantly when the first announcement comes out and that could be in a few weeks or in a few days.

      I believe the investment risk in AMPE is very low and the rewards are unusually high. I am projecting at least $20 by the end of this year and at least $50 by the end of 2014 and continuing.

      Their pipeline is quite advanced and is also low risk and they have another 150 drugs to advance as soon as they decide.

      I personally believe this is one of the very few to buy and keep buying and hold and do not be tempted to take a profit for at least a couple of years because it will be too easy to miss the huge moves that are coming.

      Be patient and average up . . . and average down . .. and hold and hold and watch your money grow!

      Be careful for the naysayers and the short interest who don't really see the true picture. They are quick to advise and have not spent the time researching all of the details of this amazing company.

      Good luck!

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