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  • ampiooooooh ampiooooooh Feb 14, 2013 2:02 PM Flag

    Truth in

    Can anyone guess why, after Richard Cavalli's 6/29/12 AMPE SA article this was added by an editor?: "Editor's Note: It was disclosed after publication of this article that the author is seeking public relations business from AMPE. He also disclosed previously that the company paid for his transportation to their facility"

    Yup, "It is only the content and the truth that matters."

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    • Come on, are you telling us that we should believe a Seeking Alpha editor and what he is saying is the truth based on unbiased facts? I don't think so and in this case I STRONGLY BELIEVE that "Editor's Note" = " Crooks Note". Cavalli has never denied nor hidden the fact that Ampio management had invited him and paid for his transportation in order to spread the word about Ampio. Not sure where Cavalli leaves but I doubt that a round trip flight to Denver cost Ampio more that $500 and a night's stay at a hotel $200, tops. So for $700- $1000 was Cavalli really bought? I don't think so. Was this "fact" over manipulated by SA and the shorts to make Cavalli look that he was bought and therefore biased? Yes, it did and apparently it continues to do so because the shorts and yourself are running out of ideas of how to manipulate the stock by using these silly facts. Come on guys, AMPE is real and the truth will prevail and I hope really soon. Proof is in Optima, FDA would have turn them down if the drug didn't have a chance. I have personally met Dr. Bar-Or and he is a brilliant scientist. I admire his research and I'm firmly convinced that his drugs will work. The drug facts and therefore the truth and have been published in numerous scientific publications. As far as I know, no real scientist has disputed that. Who disputes them are certain SA contributors and SA editors that have been bought to cater to the shorts. These people are not scientists - not even close, they are however good liars that know how to write believable and persuasive stories with the sole purpose of creating doubt and swing investors into selling. As for Cavalli, I think he is passionate and believes in Ampio, and like all of us longs, he has vested interest for the stock to do well. However he is not a liar, his stories are based on facts and I can vouch for that as I know and have talked to key people at Ampio who have confirmed Cavalli's writings. This is of course bad for the shorts so they are looking for the slightest opportunity and excuses to bring him down. Cavalli has done so many great things for AMPE, he should be running the PR for this company and as an AMPE investor, I would welcome that. I hope the SEC will come through and do what's right but this would only happen in a perfect world which unfortunately we don't live in. So to each their own but I have chosen to use by brains and think outside the box and I find silly statements like the one you just posted about Cavalli laughable and desperate. Good luck to all honest investors and go AMPE!

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      • " Cavalli has never denied nor hidden the fact that Ampio management had invited him and paid for his transportation in order to spread the word about Ampio"

        Except that he explicitly did by not disclosing it when he wrote the articles.

        Having this disclaimer put on his SA article, and having his MF article removed, seem to me pretty big embarrassments to AMPE, and I'd have to guess didn't make him any friends at the company. He made himself look a fool, but made AMPE look like a joke (which I think it is anyway).

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