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  • goingreen11 goingreen11 Feb 21, 2013 9:34 PM Flag

    Hi racavalli Just one quick question


    Do you think everything ok with Zertane and ampion with no news reported I'm getting a little nervous, I always thought if worse came to worse Zertane would sell in Australia and Europe and other countries saving the day ? What are your thoughts Thanks

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    • The company is so late in reporting the FDA's decision on the questionnaire for the Zertane trial that it is becoming more than worrisome. Legally, the company cannot withhold news of that nature without exposing themselves to massive lawsuits. The only thing we know is that the FDA has not approved the questionnaire. It is taking suspiciously too long and not looking good. Anything can happen, but the approval is so late it is probably not coming and that means there will be no deal for Zertane and that could spell the end to that play and maybe even a massive sell off.

      Ampion is an even bigger concern because the company is very late here too in announcing the filing of their IND. And consider that Ampion is their lead drug. Not good!!!!!

      Looks like they are trying to prop up AMPE shares so they can sell some Luoxis in what seems like a very weak attempt. Hard to believe that if the ORP is such a big deal that they would give it away so cheap.

      I don't know. All we can do is sit back and wait. If they say nothing their stock will probably keep sliding and hit new record lows soon. If they make an announcement that is what everybody is expecting, we should see record highs.

      Anybody's guess.

      Management is apparently having a very difficult time and does not know how to communicate with investors.

      I think fresh management who understood wall street and investment bankers better and who knew how to interact with wall street would be a very positive development for shareholders.

      Good luck!

    • mjakobczak9 Feb 22, 2013 3:51 PM Flag

      Everything is fine. The FDA can take however long they want.

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