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  • goingreen11 goingreen11 Feb 22, 2013 6:55 PM Flag

    thanks racavalli Thats what I was thinking but hoping I was wrong


    But I kinda get the feeling something not right and even if it wasn't likely to get reviewed for the u.s. I thought Zertane would get approved for Australia and Europe therefore making money ? Is this thinking wrong ? There has to be more to it , because if it was negative we would see massive dumping and high volume and that hasn't been the case while it slides lower and no inside selling as well ? Any more thoughts Thanks

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    • I think you are right in that if there was anything KNOWN that is wrong, we would see higher volume on the downside.

      The big worry is the unexpected and protracted delay. That never looks good and I think the concern is valid. Perhaps there is a little politics going on from J&J because of their interest in Priligy. Who knows?

      You are also right about the likelihood of making money from foreign sales. Just won't be nearly as big news.

    • You need to think long and be patient. Good things will come for those who wait. Stop looking at the stock daily. I have learned to be patient, especially when we know we are dealing with government agencies. I'm setting personal expectations that we will know of the FDA decision sometime within the next 30 days. The lack of shorting and low volume is a good indicator that people are waiting for some good news.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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