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  • xifixr xifixr Feb 28, 2013 1:37 PM Flag

    optina from an ophthalmologist view

    I am an retired ophthalmologist who has treated hundreds of diabetics. The potential use for optina is almost limitless -- effective - cheap - minimal side effects. Besides treating the endothelial leaks the drug might help diabetic kidney disease.
    I do not understand the short position -- so much to loose and so little to gain.
    The study just started -- given 1-2 months to fill it -- three months study -- one month analysis of data -- two months for the fda we are looking at the end of the year.

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    • Xifixr, Oracle---- I have nothing to add except thank you for writing such detailed facts before us, if the word got out to this degree we have a big time stock, these are short trial and the Zertane deal will be posted any day now so again thanks for the posts.

    • I agree entirely. I read the cover story in Retina Today that discussed the use of oral Danazol for DME and the explanation of how it works is so clear and easily understandable that it is difficult to imagine why anyone would gamble shorting this stock.

      Plus, the Ampion trial is about to commence and I am convinced Ampion will be Mega Blockbuster.

      Plus, a likely Zertane deal is hiding in the shadows that can jump out any day and spike the shares to new highs.

      Plus the company is kicking off the ORP diagnostic that will be a billion dollar generator.

      Plus all the potential for these drugs overseas.

      Plus the Zertane ED that will be in bigger demand than Viagra.

      Plus the NCE001 that is being advanced quietly but rapidly. NCE001 is the most advance cancer drug put there and is a brand new class of cancer drugs called Phosphatase Activators as opposed to Kinase Inhibitors like Pharmacyclics Ibrutinib.

      It's obvious that the only reason small hedge funds are shorting Ampio is because the trading volume os very tiny and it's very easy to control with downtick short selling and posting negative articles.

      Once a major announcement is made, the party for the shorts is over because the volume will become overwhelmingly large and they will have to cover because they will not be able to control it any longer.I believe the timing is very very soon and I encourage the shorts to put out more so we can watch them give back all of their profits over the past year and then a whole lot more because this stock is not going to stop once it gets going.

      Get ready for an incredible show!

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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