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  • superforce_57 superforce_57 Mar 20, 2013 4:03 PM Flag

    Death Spiral/Train Wreck today

    ...taken quite the nosedive the past few days. Company needs to get out there and garner more institutional support & following. Otherwise the shorts can & will continue to drive this lower.

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    • How do you get major institutional support as a development company? AMPE is going to get the first news in about 10 days when they will announce the Zertane study is enrolled. Then we need to wait for the results. How long for that? I do not know but over 1 month and probably 2 or 3 months.

      Pretty hard to drive this lower as a short because there is simply not much stock available. Without sellers hard to short it.

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      • There is only one way to be on the radar of institutional investors . . . the company MUST BE VETTED by a well known banker. A positive announcement of major proportions like a licensing deal will get some increase in valuations but not near as much if the company had a big name behind it.

        I believe Ampio's management is great at running their business and developing their pipeline in record time and at record low cost, BUT . . . they tried to save money and dilution staying with small unknown bankers . . . AND THAT HAS COST SHAREHOLDERS HUNDREDS AND HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF DOLLARS IN LOW VALUATIONS BECAUSE FEW INVESTORS WILL TAKE A RISK ON A COMPANY ENDORSED ONLY BY FORDHAM OR AEGIS. I have done several comps of lesser pipelines and based on those comps, Ampio would be selling at least $1 billion in market cap or $20 . . . before any big news hits!

        The day the company brings a major banker on board is the day the stock will finnaly trade at the valuations it deserves.

        In the meanwhile, shares should perform only okay but not near up to their true potential. All the good news in the world cannot buy the value of an endorsement from a big banker that opens the floodgates to the massive amount of investors looking for a company like Ampio.

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

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