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  • th3k33p3r24 th3k33p3r24 Mar 22, 2013 7:11 PM Flag

    Looks like we all blew it!

    Unbelievable! RKTE went up 166.67%!!! And we were just sitting here watching AMPE the whole time! Oh, well! (LOL)

    On a serious note, it appears to me (probably wrongly) that not a lot of sellers are out there at these levels. That's a good thing. I guess you could also say there aren't a lot buyers either (not such a good thing). Should be an interesting couple of weeks.

    I tend to look at market cap comparisons. A lot of companies going into phase 3 with drugs addressing moderate markets can get as much as $250M to $300M in market cap ($5 to $7 in AMPE's case). With two or three addressing huge markets, one would think that $500M to $700M ($12 to $18) is not unheard of, or unreasonable. Some companies with only one such drug reach or exceed those levels. I think the existence of co-development or marketing partners does much to help as well, and AMPE has not announced any such significant domestic partners.

    We'll see. I can't wait! --- out to beat RKTE!!!!

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