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  • sirmichael222 sirmichael222 Apr 7, 2013 8:39 PM Flag

    My opinion on AMPE

    PENT-UP DEMAND IS HUGE (INCLUDING THAT OF THE SHORTS WHO HOPE TO BUY BACK AS LOW AS POSSIBLE)--By the end of the year there should be a history of announcements that will project probable earnings

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • Let's see, people think this stock is going much higher right??? Well if the price now is lower than what people think it will be, why don't the shorts cover now and take a long position and make money both ways, hmm?? Something's a flaw with your arguement. Do you know what it is??? You are FofS

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      • No... the real flaw is in your "logic" in that if you shorted at $4 and cover at $5, you don't make money. Those that shorted don't think its going higher (obviously) and if they cover now, they lose. Those that are long do think its going higher and will win if the price goes up. Talk about a flawed argument!. If one happened to have shorted and now think its going higher, then it would make sense to take your loss and cover, and go long. There is no making money both ways. What are you thinking? Totally nonsense on your part, but I'm sure you couldn't have really meant what you wrote because it would show total lack of understanding how money is made and lost.

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