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  • racavalli racavalli May 13, 2013 10:00 AM Flag

    UBS participation is very good news

    Today's announcement that the company will present to UBS is very good news. UBS is one of the world's largest bankers and can bring immense buying to Ampio's shares if they like what they hear.

    The only reason Ampio is selling at such a tremendously low price is because they have no known banker endorsing them.

    This won't solve the problem, but it will help.

    Ampio has one of the most exciting stories on Wall Street and this is a step in the right direction to getting that story out to big bankers that will increase valuations because of their wide followings.

    Market comparisons clearly demonstrate that if Ampio were properly vetted by a known banker, it's shares would be selling at a market cap of at least $1 billion that translates to a price of at least $25 per share. It's current market cap of less than $200 million is "off the charts" cheap!

    It would be far better for shares to go on big news coming up from $25 to $50 instead of from $5 to $10.

    At least this is one tiny step in the right direction.

    My strong recommendation is:

    When Dr Bar-Or, (who is very technical, very nice and very capable) gives his part of the presentation, have a personable, speaker stand right next to him and give the actual presentation for him in very very very simple language that EVERYBODY can understand and then have David chime in from time to time with agreement and enthusiastic response. It is very easy for an audience to lose the value of a great presentation of it is too technical and David's material is too valuable to allow this to happen. Perhaps David can even be rehearsed to give a presentation in simple easy to understand terms that ANYBODY CAN UNDERSTAND. It is too important to miss this opportunity to communicate with the investors who actually write the checks.

    Good luck David and Mike!

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    • The presentation is posted at their website. I think it is a bit too technical for the money guys to understand. I would have liked to see more of the market potential on each drug, how they will differentiate themselves from their competition, etc vs the chemical details about these drugs. Also the charts with the pain reduction, vision improvements, etc. need to be in plain terms, such as 50% or 100% improvement, etc. These charts, while they make sense to the "smart guys" like Dr Bar-Or, mean nothing to the regular people that all they care about is maximizing their investments.

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      • I agree entirely!

        Investors who write the checks do not understand the science and really do not want to know anything except that it works.

        Ampio needs to restructure their presentations. They need a charismatic speaker standing next to David Bar Or who delivers the scientific presentation in extremely simple words with simple illustrations and Dr. /bar Or would be asked to chime in at key intervals.

        This format will catapult Ampio's stock.

        The current format is putting investors to sleep and missing out on their dollars.

        Ampio's story is so exciting, but it needs to be told properly and to the right audience.

        Ampio also needs to focus on doing some kind of deal with a major banker who will endorse the stock and raise the comfort level of millions of investors. That is the single biggest problem with Ampio today.

        Management is great at developing the pipeline in record tie and at record cost and at record lo risk . . . BUT . . .they are absolutely the WORST at optimizing valuations for their shareholders.

        Ampio is their own worst enemy when it comes to maximizing shareholder valuations.

      • CORRECTION: After I've contacted AMPIO, I was informed that this is not the actual presentation that they will present at UBS. Also, we all have to keep in mind that the institutional investor audience they will be speaking to are mostly M.D.'s and Ph.D's who were in related medical fields in the past but are now working at the Wall Street. So you will need a mix of both science and market data within the contents of this presentation to drive their investment decisions.

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Agreed, the UBS presentation will finally give them some badly needed exposure. What would be even better would be for UBS or another major initiating coverage of AMPE. One thing is for sure - by the end of this year we'll know whether Ampion & Optina have efficacy, and hopefully Zertane too. I'm not sure about Optina & Zertane, but I think Ampion is going to be a potential mega blockbuster drug in time.

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