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  • racavalli racavalli May 20, 2013 11:56 PM Flag

    Perfect Opportunity for Ampio to Rocket Their Shares

    Now that the Zertane deal is in question, the company will have to raise money sooner than expected in order to run the Zertane trials. That is actually to their advantage because they will then be in a stronger position to command more money for the Zertane deal if they pay for the trials.

    Follow this logic:

    Ampio is undervalued because it has never been vetted by a major banker and there is no major banker now endorsing the stock and making investors comfortable. Therefore it's shares just languish with almost no volume around $4 or $5 instead of $25 or $30 where they should be today based on actual market comps. Ampio needs a MAJOR BANKER PERIOD! Plus this low volume is easy for hedge funds to manipulate with short selling.

    With their advanced pipeline and story, they could easily attract $50 to $100 million from somebody like UBS who would easily and eagerly assemble a syndicate. I know the head underwriter at UBS who would love this company if he just knew the story.

    Sure it would cost big bucks and would dilute the stock, but it would also create far more value for shareholders with much higher prices, huge trading volume and big investor following that would continue to push up prices beyond management's imagination, and the company would accelerate its growth and be financially solid.

    This is Ampio's opportunity to go big or think small and stay small.

    I vote for go big fast while the markets are still good.

    I would much rather have my shares cut by 30% or even more and then at the same time have the price 5 times higher than where it is today by giving in to a big banker who will only make the shareholders rich.

    This can be done right!

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