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  • waywol waywol May 21, 2013 10:54 AM Flag

    AWESOME BUY OPPORTUNITY! Comments on Cavalli logic

    Do you really think AMPE management signed up to present at UBS so they could discuss BAD news??? The presentation says they remain on track - and this dip is a GREAT opportunity. I'm buying more!

    Rich - While I agree with you on AMPE's potential and have a large position of shares/options, I can't agree with your logic for what is a "crutch" for it's low price. To wit:
    "Follow this logic: Ampio is undervalued because it has never been vetted by a major banker and there is no major banker now endorsing the stock and making investors comfortable. Therefore it's shares just languish with almost no volume around $4 or $5 instead of $25 or $30 where they should be today based on actual market comps. Ampio needs a MAJOR BANKER PERIOD! Plus this low volume is easy for hedge funds to manipulate with short selling."

    I worked with some of the best WS analysts on both the Buy and Sell side when I was in IR. While it's true that a co needs "big house" endorsements, you get that with product and performance, not by BUYING it. A bought endorsement is mostly a waste of cash as it has little credibility. - like their Buy recs and targets today.
    Bottom line, ONLY a solid path and progress on the delivery of their pipeline into mass production will rocket this stock. But continued good reports and any deals announced will move it up nicely. I expect management to stay the course - and they don't need a real time report to shareholders to stabilize the price. Yes, low volume stocks are volatile and subject to shorts' attacks. AMPE withstood it before and will again if their pipeline is real. I believe it is. GLTA!

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • "The presentation says they remain on track"

      Really? Didn't AMPE say it december it would enroll 2 pivotal phase 3 studies in Q1 13? How is not doing that "on track"?

    • There are countless examples of companies that were endorsed by large bankers with stories that did not have even close to the validity or excitement of Ampio's pipeline. And they used their high valuations to grow even more rapidly becoming large companies.

      My research has clearly demonstrated that Ampio's pipeline is real and I agree with you that this is a terrific buying opportunity. Get all you can while it is cheap and hold on. Those who buy and HOLD will make the most money!

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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