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  • ampiooooooh ampiooooooh Jun 17, 2013 4:27 PM Flag

    Credibility, is important

    From Rich Cavalli's June 29 2012 AMPE pump: "Editor's Note: It was disclosed after publication of this article that the author is seeking public relations business from AMPE. He also disclosed previously that the company paid for his transportation to their facility."

    Does that sound credible?

    How about, from the same pump "With three blockbuster drugs lined up for quick FDA approvals (much less than one year)" A year later, how many drugs have been approved? Three?

    From your May 12 2012 pump "It also would not be surprising if a major announcement is soon made about some kind of major deal with a large pharma partner." How was the announcement? Seems pretty similar to your claim today about "imminent announcement of Zertane licensing deal with BIg Pharma"....

    From your May 8 2012 pump "I have no position in AMPE and have had no compensation from any source, and therefore I am not biased by financial self-interests.", but the editor of SA explicitly said you admitted to having financial self interests, can this be?

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