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  • racavalli racavalli Jul 29, 2013 11:17 AM Flag

    Very telling comment by TRIGGERPULLER64

    TRIGGERPULLER62 said, "I think the company needs a PR person to get the word out because this story is compelling."

    This is exactly the biggest problem AMPE has been suffering and the only reason it is so extremely undervalued. Very few investors know about AMPE because they have no major banker endorsing them. The absence of a big banker discourages investors from taking a position. And the absence of a good PR campaign that should have been in place to offset the short interests and to increase visibility has created this buying opportunity of EXTREME UNDER VALUATION.

    The company will undoubtedly hook up with a big name banker as soon as current trial results are released. When that happens. Then we wil see a huge realignment in the price.

    Of course, it is always prudent to fly your flag and tell your story so the risk of low valuations does not exist. Good PR is very high priority. This is a publicly traded stock and the public needs to know the story otherwise nothing happens and valuations suffer.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • If this is such a hot opportunity it begs the question why a big banker, which are generally good at protecting their interests and padding their profits, hasn't jumped on of their own accord.

    • cav, you are 100 pct right on target. my take is that the company is so confident in what they have that they will do things on their timeline. we dont know what is going on behind the scenes so all we can do is wait 60 days max and then see what the results are from ampion study and optima. the good thing is that the company to me appears to be straight shooters. no doubt when your a public company you have to play the game of wall st. my wish is that they hammer us with good news and at the same time cause a major squeeze. the forecasting of these drugs coupled with such a low float indicates that the SP should be much much higher. they need to get the story out. this to me is a home run big time! PS: lots of people are buying and holding which is also good for us that have decided to go long.

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