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  • racavalli racavalli Jul 29, 2013 6:26 PM Flag


    Everybody who sells AMPE in the next few weeks will be kicking themselves really hard for the rest of their lives because they will have missed one of the biggest moves just before it happened.

    Knowing that trial results are within only a week or two or three at most, you ether have to be desperate for money or be really destructive and suicidal.

    It's really hard to understand how anyone can sell even one share knowing full well that results are right around the corner and that based on prior trial results, they will amaze and send shares soaring to $20 real fast. And then Optina is right behind.

    WOW! I guess there are all kinds of investors out there and they don't all like to make money. The short sellers are proof positive of suicide bombers.

    Good luck!

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    • cav. i am with you on both fronts. PR and Ampion results. They have reported several times that study results will be out in the 3rd quarter. that means within the 60 day threshold. i agree august could be huge and remember the study with optima started much sooner. although they stated the trials should be done by year's end heading into 2014 , i am looking for an update on those studies sooner. Positive Ampion results will open the door for multiple studies on several fronts and will blow this stock up. a big company would be nuts not to grab it once the data is out. Optima will be huge as well and that is why the company's focus is on these two studies. some companies hope to have one big one we have multiple not to mention the cancer drug in india, and the diagnostic which looks to be a great spin off.

    • AMPE closed at $5.64 today on light volume that is not a good indicator for future price performance barring some good news the continuing price deterioration is going to encourage further shorting and discourage the holders of this stock and stoke further doubts about trial results. I am trying to figure out where to put a stop loss order at so I don't prematurely get stopped out. I have been trying to hang on for $7+ but think that might be out of reach any time soon. the risk that results don't live up to expectations is stressing me out. because if news is less than stellar this will tank faster than a sharp knife through water.

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