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  • agnewpeters agnewpeters Aug 15, 2013 6:24 PM Flag


    Today, I see that being at sea is simply not what I thought. Don't get me wrong, the endless buffets on the fancy Carnival are nothing to ignore. The feeling of wealth comes naturally here on the oasis. I did have a terrible event that leads me to believe that things are not what they always seem. Yes, it has to do with AMPE. I met a beautiful woman (I thought) while sipping my piña colada at the pool side, and yes, I could not help but brag about my good fortune regarding AMPE. I could tell that that was the aphrodisiac needed for her to visit my beautiful inner room. With no view of the ocean, nothing to see except the stock picks I taped to the walls. Sadly, my dreams went up in smoke as she was no woman. This was so devastating that I am pleased to inform my readers that I will now re direct my focus and write RE my stock picks on a more prescribed basis. AMPE is doing the same that this woman want to be did. It appeared to fall into the arms of it's foes, only to rise time and again. What will the 5,198,568 shares do if Carl Ichan or Warren Buffet or George Soros decide that they want to buy? How will they explain to their angry margin clerks that they just need to stay a little bit longer. What is obvious, as you can see by my devastating event is not always the obvious. We will someday wake up and read that more tests were positive or a surprise FDA approval or a large payout, possibly from the letters that I will write to these geniuses of the markets. I will write them again and again until my voice is heard. Forgive the sad tone of this note. Back to the buffet line.

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    • LMAO, Agnew you never cease to entertain. You must have been drunk on you #$%$ when you posted this msg. your English is usually better, LOL"want to be did."really. I am probably your only reader as I am often intrigued if you can find a way to be nuttier than your last post, but this one is your funniest & nuttiest to date. The sad part is you have no idea how you come across to most of the rational participants on this board. The only kind of women likely to pretend to be interested in your stock exploits, stand on street corners and then in your case only for a hefty fee. I haven't laughed this hard in awhile. Agnew try real hard to return to a low earth orbit. Show the above msg to a shrink and see what he or she says. as they hand you a bottle of really strong meds:-))) You might have a future as a stand up comic

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