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  • imprvngmyavg imprvngmyavg Aug 31, 2013 10:43 PM Flag

    interesting factoid

    If you were to start spending a buck a second it would take you 31,000 years to spend a trillion dollars and by the end of the fiscal 2013 year the US national debt will be 17 Trillion, so Obama will have done in 2 terms of office (8 years) What would have taken 527,000 years at a buck a second, that means at the end of2013every American is estimated to owe $53,000 of that 17trillion debt. gotta love those free smartphones and we're not talking about Obama care yet. Good news bad news story. Good news is AMPE is likely to make a lot of long holders a lot of dollars, someday. The bad new is that most of those dollars are likely to be worthless after the ink dries on them. The dollar bubble that the Fed has been inflating with trillions of new dollars to prop up the economy is likely to burst in the not to distant future. Move over Greece. America wants a turn at bankruptcy.The free stuff costs somebody something. Sorry for the digression but AMPE can't overcome a gov't induced market crash. 2008 caught people by surprise the next one shouldn't the signs are all over the place. The congressional debt debate is expected to start this October. Not that I have any ideas on how to protect yourself. In general I think we are all already screwed. this should incite some interesting discussions. GLTA we'll need it

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    • Who is it that hit the thumbs down!! really and no comment.. thanks for your post inprvngmyavg!! i enjoy reading your all your post while i am a novice investor weeding through the #$%$, it is fun enjoying your creativity and now all (sad) true debt analysis..

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      • Thanks for the fan mail, all of us have been novices at one point , hopefully experience doesn't come at to great a cost.

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      • Not sure who gave the thumbs down. It could have been any number of the majority of people who don't want this board to degenerate into a political/economic forum, a discussion of cigars, or recommendations of scotch. Imprvngmyavg and agnew have been a hoot, and enjoyable to read, but I would guess their recent posts may have prompted a reaction that such posts should be taken off-line or into one of the forums meant for such discussions. I was a bit disappointed in the tangents, but readily got over it. I do note that all postings seemed to have just plain stopped since their latests posts.

    • Hello Improv,
      I love it! You are becoming more and more like me!! No doubt, the government handles most matters with foolishness. As a low level County employee, I can say that 75% of us are not even needed. I can also say that mistakes are thrown under the floor under the rug. I am certain that if Obama's care program would really go thru, the pipeline of drugs Ampio contains would make it's shareholders stay up late at night counting the dollar bills. Think about it, knee operation or shot of Ampion? Eye operation or Optina? I don't even want to mention the eryctle situation.
      With that said, with inflation at every angle, the dollar will worth less and less which is why stocks and real estate and precious metals will have no choice but increase in value.
      Hope you have a great day,

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