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  • sirmichael222 sirmichael222 Sep 16, 2013 2:44 PM Flag


    For months the blog-banter has been about the fact that Ampio is DRAMATICALLY UNDERVALUED despite the excellent science, great executives, incredible pipeline, terrific trial results, etc., etc. The bloggers seem to agree that the stock should be selling somewhere between 40 and 50. If the Ampio people don't want to spend millions right now to put a top-flight investment banking firm to work, can't they AT LEAST HIRE RACAVALLI to do what racavalli has been doing for more than a year now? I refer to the simple fact that racavalli has been telling the truth about everything having to do with AMPIO. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE bring back RACAVALLI.

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    • In my humble opinion, I think we will see a much more consistent increase in volume beginning in this 4th quarter.
      This current placement of stock with a number of Institutional Investors will bring a new set of eyes following the stock.
      I also think it's likely that AMPE will start seeing some significant Institutional coverage, as well as "Buy" recommendations.
      Finally, the 4th quarter should see more test result announcements, which based on past test results, should have a significant upside bias for the price of its stock.
      Finally, at some point , the "Shorts" will realize that AMPE's science is solid. When they begin to start covering their position, the stocks' upside movement should take the stock to new highs.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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      • Wiser, well said. Now AMPE has some strong institutional support. I maintain that the Market has yet to realize how great the Phase 2/3 trial results for Ampion were. I expect the full results to be realeased & publicized after the 10/29 FDA meeting, which could be huge for AMPE. There is the possibility that the FDA will allow AMPE to conduct a Phase 4 trial, where they can actually begin to sell the drug while monitoring the results.

        I agree that Analyst coverage will start now, and the company needs to do some roadshows and investor healthcare conferences. The whole short case against AMPE is now shot, and it's close to a lock that Ampion will receive FDA approval sometime in 2014. As for Optina, who knows.

    • AMPE is priced correctly at about $8. Until the results for their drugs are final the big $$ do not roll in. Agree significant short pressure as the news continues to be good but we are not home yet. Got to remember that ofeten days and weeks go by w/o news on AMPE. Patience.

    • Where have all the ampe cowboys go to??? up 4.42% volume up to374+ and only 2 posts?? #$%$ this is very very strange

    • RACAVALLI did not raise the price of AMPE., I did!! Love the stock. Every pick I gave you went up. I need to be hired!!!

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