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  • racavalli racavalli Dec 2, 2013 2:35 PM Flag


    Ampio is a spectacular company developing blockbuster drugs in record time, at record low cost and at record low risk.

    The news today was powerful. FDA approved Ampion Spring Study as first leg and established to guidelines for the second half of the study with a much smaller number of patients than previously thought. The FDA said the data was ROBUST! The company is accelerating the construction of the manufacturing facility for Ampion. The company announced today that they will begin the next studies to include COPD and Krohns. This is EXPLOSIVE news.

    Then why no action? Shareholders are quietly stunned at the lack of activity given the big news.

    Management has done everything right EXCEPT . . . they failed to give a big piece of the company to a big banker like a GS that would have the price well over $20 today and daily trading volume on the millions of shares. Dilution is not always bad. In fact it is essential if you want to play with the big boys.

    Today is ABSOLUTE PROOF BEYOND A SHADOW OF A DOUBT that the only thing missing is a big banker that would automatically bring massive visibility to this spectacular company with floundering share prices and trading activity.

    It is absolutely 100% IMPOSSIBLE to maximize investor/trader sponsorship without a big name widely followed banker and today is concrete proof.

    Just imahin

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    • Quite simply, you have to bed down with the money changing cabal if you want to collect the cash...quite simply, they control the being the market, the government and the media....

      If the company has a decent offer on the table, they ought to take it prior th the markets imploding. Our money changing brethren have maxed out the financial markets such that their greed on sterioids is close to implosion.

      If the cabal wants this company, they have the resources to run it all the way back down sub $5 and then grab it. Would be preferrable to just sell the assets, company is too small to survive within the pool of vulcher where their product appears to work correctly.

    • In my opinion, with a banker, you are pretty much giving up the control of the company. I don't think a banker option is off the table, I just think this may not be a good time for that to happen yet. That same banker can have a lot more to gain by controlling a small company like Ampio in favor of much larger "clients". I think MM has played his cards right, just be patient, the time for celebration is near.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • I agree totally, sometimes these smaller companies have a stubborn streak that they want to do it there way, only. Have to play along with the big boys for maximum effect

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