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    June 1st, 2009 interview

    Kyte: "So moving forward, at the end of 2006 or early 2007, about a year later, after Ed's passing, Erin basically said "my door is open and you can always call me, let me know when you're ready for me to come back." This is a conversation that I had with her personally." on Erin Brokovitch

    - Funny these guys kept her on the site for so long when she bailed back in '06.

    TWST: Has the second and further generation technology been reviewed by RAND?
    Mr. Kyte: No. RAND will not review anything going forward, they don't need to.

    - Still working on the bunk 'device' that started this all that RAND stated had no commercial viability in 2009. So much for Lube and others stating this was a different company. They kept running with it and still have it. Love his reply.. "nothing to see here folks.. move along.. move along"

    TWST: Which of your products do you consider to have the most potential to combat climate change?
    Mr. Kyte: That's a complex question, because you can also look at it in terms of how many more units could you sell, which by the mere fact of quantity in the field would have an impact. Is it quality or quantity? On a qualitative basis, we believe our ELEKTRA technology for diesel engines what we call Big Rigs, 18 wheelers, Class A trucks, tractor-trailers; those are four names that represent the same vehicle this technology can really make an impact.

    - So even Kyte still thinks he will be flogging this ZEFs device in 2009. What happened to all of this and all that investor money?

    TWST: What are Save the World Air's priorities for the next four to eight quarters?
    Mr. Kyte: In the next year, we want to become profitable. We are transitioning out of R&D and into sales.

    - LOL! Industry was beating down the door for the ZEF!

    TWST: How big is your sales staff at the moment?
    Mr. Kyte: We have a unique model. About half a dozen consultants or consulting organizations would comprise our sales staff. This would encompass people and organizations who have existing relationships with fleet managers, the people, for example, who handle the transportation for McDonald's, Atlas Van lines, FedEx, UPS, Wal-Mart, etc., fleets that are comprised of hundreds and thousands of trucks. We have approached and developed relationships with consultants who can get these people's ear.

    - Was Kyte lying? Did any of these half dozen people or organizations sell ANYTHING? Obviously NO-ONE was interested.

    TWST: This is the model that you want to develop further during the next four to eight quarters?
    Mr. Kyte: Yes, it is.

    - Kyte=fail

    TWST: What are your other priorities?
    Mr. Kyte: We need to somewhat solidify our base of operations and manufacturing. The company just moved to Santa Barbara, California from Los Angeles. So we would like to eventually even outgrow our current facility, which we have a lease on for the next year and half. We planned on being in this office for 18 months. We would like to add to our manufacturing facilities and solidify our manufacturing relationships. We have everything we need to meet our current needs for expansion through subcontracting and sub-manufacturing, and we are currently developing those relationships.

    - Worked out well.. more pie-in-the-sky from Kyte. Sounds like at this time he is going full bore towards Elektra doesn't it?

    TWST: Who is your primary client base now and do you want a different client base?
    Mr. Kyte: We have identified a current client base that we have to address. We have identified entities that can fulfill two-thirds of our three-year sales projections. So we only have another third to go, and during this time, we are developing a final prototype, which involves design engineering for the addressable platforms we have identified. This is a very technical thing, because not all trucks are the same. We have to engineer so that our ELEKTRA device can become a universal piece of technology. MagChargR is a bit more challenging because of the large variety of engine types and platforms.

    - *crickets chirping.... chirp.. chirp... chirp...*

    Kyte: "The NDAs and the level of interest that we have had from interested entities, such as oil companies, certain manufacturers of automotive technology, transportation managers; they called us. We have had an overwhelming amount of unsolicited interest in our technology, which gives us confidence that we are on the right track."

    - What happened Kyte? Sounds like the AOT pumping doesn't it?

    Kyte: "Then you have to go through design, manufacturing and engineering. These are all normal cycles and what allows us to speed up this process is the amount of capital that we can focus on it. So an investor should be concerned with that primarily, and then also how close are we. We believe in the next year this company can become profitable based on our current forecasts."

    - Profitable!!! gotta get me some shares!! to the moon!

    So what happened to all of this? Where is the profitability he talked about? No mention of AOT back then, just this stuff. Where is all of this and why was it never commercialized? Why is it never mentioned anymore? Is Cecil just plain incompetent, lying, or running this for his own gain? You think an airline pilot could stay above water with no pay, buying options (at 1/4 the going rate) for years? He's obviously getting cash from this somehow. All of this back in 2009 sounds EXACTLY like today doesn't it?

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