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  • cons_have_knee_burnz cons_have_knee_burnz Feb 12, 2013 3:49 PM Flag

    Big gap to fill in the coming couple weeks

    Gonna cost Tejas a mil to support it. It's going to get expensive for them to prop the stock up from here on out. Stock was already in a downtrend. Maybe next news release will have something spectacular like

    "Cecil fills up car with tank of gas this morning!
    SANTA BARBARA, CA--(Marketwire - Feb 12, 2013) - STWA, Inc. ( OTCBB : ZERO ) ("STWA" or the "Company"), a developer of applied solutions for oil and fuel delivery systems, announced today that if they can sell 500 AOT units in the future, the stock price will be 100$. Also the company figures that if 100% of all pipelines in the world use an AOT, that the company will make a very large amount of money and you will to so please stay in this stock. Todays filling of a tank of gas In Mr. Kytes car is important since it is the first step in commercialization of the AOT, showing a clear need for the technology to reduce the cost of gasoline, as Mr. Kyte was not happy with his total bill minus the Cheetos. In other news, a courier of ours dropped off a copy of our AOT marketing pamphlets to the reception desk of Warren Buffets office. This is another step in wide acceptance and commercialization of the AOT device since Warren does not accept pamphlets from any old company. If he actually picks it up and glances at it, this is proof of the legitimacy of our device."

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    • Looks like you were right Cons, and I was wrong.. look at that huge nearly 20% drop today.. absolutely no support of this stock... If this was a real product, I am sure there would have been a huge buying spike but it took an hour and only a few thousand shares to bring it back up.. I am sick of this manipulation.. Looks like you were right all along.

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