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  • kriscokid395 kriscokid395 Feb 13, 2013 8:54 PM Flag

    Exactly what AOT Technology Means In terms of sales

    The AOT™ Enhanced Oil Transport System is designed to be installed to the pipeline every 50-100 miles, and require multiple units operating side-by-side to accommodate any commercial flow rate or pressure. For example, one single 2,000 mile 36" pipeline operating at 1,300 psi would require six 5,000 gallon per minute 1,500psi AOT™ units to be installed every 50 miles along the pipeline, (equaling 240 installed units in a single order).

    Hmm, not bad, and AOT has been independently verified and tested by the United States Department of Energy, Temple University, The U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology, and China Petroleum Pipeline Bureau. Each of the studies and tests have independently confirmed the efficacy of AOT™ for the reduction of crude oil viscosity.

    In my opinion this up-down price action, big accumulation by insiders, hiring of experienced patent attorneys/researchers it seems to me that this company will be moving up much sooner rather than later. My guess for the patent attorney firm like this was January 2014...

    Working with patent attorneys can take minimum 60 days for due diligence research and verification along with additional patent re-filings or amendments. By that time attorneys, new people etc will be looking for the big bucks and Zero should have everything ready.

    Could be wrong but in my opinion it looks like a nice May Day Surprise for all,, my last guess was mid next year.. Anybody else have thoughts? Would like to see them..

    Long Strong and Having Fun With Zero!

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    • Sounds a lot like JTtheMomentumPimps pumping doesn't it? On iHub he always throws out some wild speculation, lies about how all these agencies tested a single thing independently... that they did ANYTHING other than rent out the facilities to ZERO... and then acts humble by asking others opinion, even though he doesn't want to hear anyone else's opinion.
      Also sounds a lot like the fracking post with the ID thief doesn't it? SAme bold faced lies... They ONLY person that pumps this "standards and Technology" lie is JT.

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

    • Is this like Cecil's statement of beig profitable years ago on Elektra? "maybe", "could", "potential". None of your tests are 'independent' since ZERO paid fo rthem and conducted them themselves. If you have info on any China testing, on the CHina website, please post a link. That should be simple shouldn't it lube?
      And law firms don't do "due dilligence" ya maroon. They couldn't care less as long as you have a retainer cheque in hand. If you want to blow money, they will take it. They are not gonna turn anything down. You are getting desperate in your pumping. How many shares are you getting? You also the same poster on investorhub pumpin this stock?

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    • Apparently the Chinese were not the only ones watching the test in China. And we know something more now - the pricing on these units makes them at least somewhat economical to install and operate. There is a pipeline company out there that sees a value proposition. Now if Obama would just approve building the Keystone...

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