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  • mr_sanotizer mr_sanotizer May 1, 2013 12:13 PM Flag

    Something doesn't add about Cons and Sano

    I'm not understanding... why Con and Sano are bashing ZERO. If they like the stock, they buy it. If they don't, they dump it, or else... they short it? Without pumping first? Or are they bashing to get others to dump so they can buy shares to sell back at the lower rate? Then why worry about dilution and a lower cost? What is the point of the bashing.... trying to save us from ourselves out of a charitable conscience? Why are they even here? Sticking around to only bash... saving us or another agenda, to profit from the panic they hope to instill? Smoke and mirrors?

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    • Weak argument by a Id hacker hiding behind his many alias because debate company claims would require too much brain power. Better to pose under other ID to spread false information and AGENDA theories. BTW the only people that are panicking are the ones that are worried they won;'t be able to keep cashing out at +.90 cents.

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      • Weak argument is the best you can come up with?

        Now I'm an ID hacker? Dude, you're PARANOID Sano! I created this ID to wipe the floor with you and your lies. You post so many lies on so many boards, it's just easier to focus on you and your character to reveal everything you are. Once your malicious character is revealed, everything you speak can be seen in a whole new light. Sano, I'm here to SANOTIZE YOU!!!!!!

        You are one Paranoid son-of-a-gun. I don't even have to work hard to reveal your true character and motives. People see right through you everywhere, with every post. Your name, your family's name, your father's name, your wife's name and the names are your children ARE WORTHLESS. Worth less than any human excrement. Worth less than cow fertilizer. Shameful in every aspect.

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