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  • kriscokid395 kriscokid395 May 2, 2013 6:09 AM Flag

    Why ZERO will out perform many other stocks

    I've had ZERO for quite a while and have been loading up once again. This is in light of the over bought/sold condition of the general stock market which I have unloaded over the last couple of weeks. This makes ZERO one of the few stocks that I have actually kept on board during this housecleaning.

    Not only has ZERO shown that a penny stock can survive, thrive and produce results but it also shows American ingenuity at it's best. I have researched this stock made phone calls to pertinent parties and I must say that the people involved with ZERO are impressive.

    A nice feature product listing by the Society Of Petroleum Engineers continues my belief in this stock.

    Reducing Crude-Transmission Viscosity
    STWA’s AOT 2.0 (Fig. 5) Midstream product is an add-on system component for pipeline pump stations. It is designed to reduce the frictional-­pressure loss of the pipeline as the crude oil moves between pump stations along the pipeline. By reducing the ­frictional-pressure loss in the pipeline, pump-station operation requires less pressure to overcome the pipeline’s friction per mile, leading to greater energy efficiency and higher maximum flow rates achievable within the pipeline’s pressure limits. This turnkey product uses an ultralow-amperage electric bath to encourage particulate-matter aggregation of the paraffin or asphalt content of the crude oil being transported, to reduce the viscosity of the crude oil quickly and easily. The system has been tested by several entities, including the US Department of Energy, which reported viscosity reduction as great as 56%. Each unit has a maximum flow rate of 5,000 gal/min and is designedfor installation as parallel units to anypipeline flow rate, with a minimum of components and with negligible maintenance required.

    If you want to see other reasons why I have loaded up on this stock just click on KRISCOKID395 .lsahf

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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