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  • kriscokid395 kriscokid395 May 2, 2013 6:16 AM Flag

    American Ingenuity at it's best...

    The AOT™ Enhanced Oil Transport System is designed to be installed to the pipeline every 50-100 miles, and require multiple units operating side-by-side to accommodate any commercial flow rate or pressure. For example, one single 2,000 mile 36" pipeline operating at 1,300 psi would require six 5,000 gallon per minute 1,500psi AOT™ units to be installed every 50 miles along the pipeline, (equaling 240 installed units in a single order).

    No other pipeline product can produce these results at the cost factor involved. American ingenuity you say?? You would be correct!

    Hmm, not bad, and AOT has been independently verified and tested by the United States Department of Energy, Temple University, The U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology, and China Petroleum Pipeline Bureau. Each of the studies and tests have independently confirmed the efficacy of AOT™ for the reduction of crude oil viscosity.

    In my opinion this up-down price action, big accumulation by insiders, hiring of experienced patent attorneys/researchers it seems to me that this company will be moving up much sooner rather than later. My guess for the patent attorney firm like this was January 2014...

    Working with patent attorneys can take minimum 60 days for due diligence research and verification along with additional patent re-filings or amendments. By that time attorneys, new people etc will be looking for the big bucks and Zero should have everything ready.

    Long Strong and Having Fun With ZERO.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • LOL! What does the first paragraph have to do with anything? Krisco.. a simple question, how much would this all cost to install in a 2000 mile pipeline? Including the downtime rev loss? Because if you are pumping this will make money, then you should at least know that right?

      - Why in the companies own quarterly report do they say the device is unproven and may not be commercially viable?
      - You say no other product can produce these results at that cost factor. Please post this cost factor for once that even the company cannot. If not, you are simply a liar.
      - More lies. Temple is independent? They licence this off them. LIE. The fact the company even states this should cause investors concern.
      - DOE? They PAID to rent the facility and had the engineers simply sign off on the results of the test that ZERO THEMSELVES performed.
      - Standards and tech? the ASME certification? If not show us this test.
      - CPP. Sure they did. Just like CHMR had signed deals with Pemex.

      - Yup.. "big accumulation by insiders"? Why do you need to resort to lying to try and pump this? People can simply read the last quarterly report and look at how many options were simply never excercised at all. Why? Well because you can get warrants that you don't need to repor tthe sale of in a round about way right Krisco? Tell me the page in the QR that shows this big buying. If not, LIE.
      Patent attorney due dilligence.. give me a break. What lawyer does ANYONE here who would not start work immediately with a payment?

      You can go back and look at the filings on this company on the OTCBB. There is one quarterly report that they actually list the patents they hold, with pretty well all of them on the 9 bogus useless failures of devices that cost investors 80 million over the last 15 years. But this company counts those as their "41" patents and pending. Count the ones granted to get an idea of what they have now.

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      • 2 Replies to cons_have_knee_burnz
      • Cons, you mislead continuously As you well know several patents are pending for this technology. And as you well know the patent office will not disclose any details about any patent pending operations.

        You also mislead by posting sentiment of strong sell when you specifically told me that you own zero shares.

        Long Strong and Having Fun With Zero!

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

      • Ask yourself why they don't just say how many they have on the AOT when talking about the AOT? The fluff pump is just so obvious. Then look at this last quarterly report. See that they only licence TWO patents off Temple. LOOK AT WHAT THOSE PATENTS ARE FOR and ask yourself why they would bother????? It's all about the name association isn't it? And to see that in action just read Krisco's posts to see how hard he tries to make use of it.

        Sentiment: Strong Sell

    • I agree krisco, STWA has proven credibility, proven equipment, and a team that will take them far! It's not every day that you find a gem like this!

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