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  • thecmsparents thecmsparents Oct 16, 2012 10:14 PM Flag

    your done

    I think it's obvious Orion's star is finally burned itself out the lack of education and common sense of CEO Randy Hoff has caught up to him as well as his long time drug habits. I am glad some of you have heeded my warnings at least your finances are safe

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    • Where are your facts on any of this?

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      • Call the company. I called the company and they are very aware of stock manipulator Jennifer Schnider (aka "thecmsparents"). I would assume they are going to have her arrested soon. She is a compulsive liar, an alledged drug head and has been sued by so many people it's almost funny. Her care even got repo'ed and she was evicted from the home she was posting from... that's probably why she hasn't posted in a while here! LMAO

        Seriously, I couldn't make this stuff up if I tried! LOL

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      • CONGRATZ OODH- UP 237% --- Obviously just the begining here!

        Interesting find - see below!

        "thecmsparents" = Jennifer Schnider

        NEW RESEARCH: According to officers of ORION (Including the CEO), The "thecmsparents" is a known stock manipulator named Jennifer Schneider who works as a sandwich maker deli clerk at a small town supermarket. She was recently evicted from her home for failure to pay several months rent. And apparently her car was repo'ed as well. Right...LOL excellent person to take financial advice from! [ NOT!! ]

        (Up 237%). Ouch -Missed out on those .04's --- Maybe Jennifer "Schister" bought them...but the fact is she has no money to pay rent let alone buy ORION stock. LMAO

        From what I gathered, Jennifer Schnieder is likely disgruntled because ORION also owns a private security patrol company (BGUARDED) that was monitoring threat levels near her rental when her landlord thew her out on the streets. Jennifer Schnieder (aka: "thecmsparents") became upset and threatened several people, however, she has no one to blame but herself for her own personal financial misfortunes. Maybe she thinks making false claims about ORION will somehow make her feel better. She couldn't be further from reality.

        Jennifer Schnider has went from calling the company a "Scam" to it's now a "Small company." What next? A Mini-corporation? Geez Jennifer, make up your mind idiot, libel ain't cheap!

        *By the way Jennifer... it's not "your done" - it's "You're Done" - smoking dope through English class eh? Speak about a lack of education!

        Looks like it's well past time for Jennifer Schnieder to go back to school herself.

        And yes... the best times are still ahead for ORION shareholders. The CEO is a GENIUS hands down... time will show! BTW: Anyone who knows the CEO knows he does not tolerate drug use of that's just more actionable libel from the sick mind of Jennifer Schnider.

        That's due diligence folks!

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