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  • roryrae roryrae Sep 24, 2004 4:48 PM Flag

    Hey Tj- I think there will be another

    dip into this stock sending it much lower than $5.60 in the near future. Be very careful unless your will to hold for a year or so. Waiting for that last push downward. Most of the time a stocks goes down 3 times looking like mountains. The 3 times is normally the last before it climbs to newer highs. Also watch the put/call ratio's as the stock decends and while the put/call goes above 1. Right now PFE and KKD is sending me a buy signal beleive it or not. Will be watching these two if the time is right to buy. What have you been buying or watching.

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    • Hi Rory, I bought WMGI at $24 and sold at $25.97 in 2 days this week. It went up higher but oh well. I had a nice quick profit and didn't wanna chance losing it. It may go higher if FDA approves new ortho limbs maybe in January. It lost $4.54 Monday off panic sell on recall of ortho limbs. News was not that bad; so it was upgraded and ran back up.

    • hey did u see the money flow turning up in the last 2 days?thats a good says that october should be quite good

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      • mark which was last Friday's close. I hope your right however since the approval/disapproval for orth. is coming on Nov.26 there's much room for mm to manipulate this stock and did they ever this past week. The charts show weakness while the short/put has not showed any strenght. Look at KKD and PFE, really I hate these stocks however don't underestimate the graphs or the mm. They started to heavily making puts while the price show an inverse relationship.