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  • olwizeone olwizeone May 5, 2006 9:37 AM Flag

    If the AHOLE selling thru SIZE

    That's just it...all targets not reality. I can say this stock is going $10 but unless it does it is all just a story, no mater how many MBA's or CFA's I have confirming the estimate. It's all just wishful thinking based on educated geussing. SUPG stock does nothing on the approval of its only drug of interest. That is flat out brutal and speaks volumes about what the value of this company is. Rodman and Renshaw have a vested interest in seeing this stock go higher so they'll pump the sh#$%T out of it, as they have done for years on this and any other issue that they death spiral finance for. I saw their note about 700 MM peak sales... Good luck with that.