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  • bucharin bucharin Aug 2, 2006 3:18 PM Flag

    I can't get out!

    Every time I accept a new low and want to sell this thing goes even lower. Geez....

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    • Concrete...Montigen has done some of the leg work on MP-470...Phase1 will start sometime this year and were looking at 4-8M per quarter. I believe the first year costs will be covered by current asset sale. Dacogen looks like 100M next year WW sales...that equates to 21M royalities...granted they have expense against this revenue. Long term to me is 2008. As better news flows in on Dacogen I see it moving between 4-5.00 by years end. 2007 and again Dacogen continued growth is key and longs must see continued news on this drug. AML approval and CML progress must be realized in 2007. If solid tumors study show promise then we have a huge winner. I apoligize if you felt I was referring to your post as a point was directed to those who post negatives to post evidence of why SUPG will not realize growth. I want facts not B/S. I also realize 2 more years is a long long time and think 1st quarter 2007 will give sufficient time for SUPG to demostrate the progress of Dacogen. If it takes 2 years for sales to reach worldwide 400M ...which means SUPG receives 108M royalities.
      They can burn half of this...that still leaves close to 1.00 a 17p/e you can do the math. I understand that you probably bought before approval and we all expected news to move this stock...I ave 4.20 on this stock and hold a fair amount of shares. I would bail if I found some concrete evidence. Only bad news is the stock price....outside of that no bad news on Dacogen. New drug in the pipeline. Mong needs Dacogen to succeed. 200 sales force behind it not counting EU sales. This is a tricky market and you have to do what your gut saids to do. I research and watch everything I can on SUPG and i'm looking for that smoking I welcome concrete negative news on SUPG. Find it!!!!!

    • The concerete evidence is in the share price.
      We both agree the news, the results were good. The more good news, the lower the PPS value.
      Analyze this concrete evidence and apply for a Nobel prize.
      What does "long term" mean for you? I've owned this longer than you have so keep your short invectives to yourself.

      It takes resources to launch a new drug, so in the short term the balance sheet will not continure to improve.
      Is this what you think is needed it to lift the stock?

    • You've mentioned that everytime you accept a new low it goes lower. The lowest for 52 weeks came on June 28 over a month ago. Whatcha been doing in the meantime, freaking out...
      I'm actually impress with what the company has been doing. However not impressive at all with the price. I still believe this stock will do fine if given time. I've set my clock for December however willling to hold till October 07. If no friutation than I'll sell.
      i've seen this time and time when the price goes lower only to goes above what people bought in at.

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      • > I've set my clock for December

        You f'in a'hole - your clock was set to October last time I checked. Why don't you f;ing set it to July while you're at it? You have no clue, do you? Goddamn moving target you've got there, that way you're "never" wrong.

      • Oh shut up already!
        I'm not going to dignify your BS a with a serious answer. You'd be better off trying to change your yahoo nick after all that crap you've pulled thus far.

        The fact is that even with fairly decent financial performance this stock can get no loving, and it may never get some. You better revert to your story of selling at $3.60 you wanker.

        Rest assured, I'll tell you once I finally get out and then we'll compare my next pick to your SUPG perfomance. And by the way, once I'll say I'm gone I will be gone and won't try tu pull your type sh,it.

    • See message below by Frankie 122l. He/She would make an ideal candidate. If you've been holding long, you've learned a valuable lesson. Don't fall in love with a stock. A POS is a POS.