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  • portortions portortions Aug 13, 2006 9:23 PM Flag

    Dacogen itself is worth 2x Supg

    Dacogen is worth more than 2X Supergen's market cap. What's going on with it's stock price???...Boy when a sector goes sour it goes sour. But folks, remember, buying at the bottom is where you want to enter a stock.

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    • Your probably right. It is estimated that Dacogen will be around 250M per year U.S. sales and 250M outside U.S. 500M @ 15 years=7.5B in sales. I believe we see the beginning of this growth in the third quarter updates from Mogn. The current 2006 modest estimate is 25M. I see it closer to 37.5M. I came to this figure from Mogn meeting. 7.2M first shipments and 5.2M reorders per month. If AML approval the next key development. CML and solid tumors studies next.