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  • stockman0429 stockman0429 Aug 31, 2006 9:44 PM Flag

    Strong Resistance

    I think this is going back down. So many pumpers on this forum.

    Not many intelligent posters. A bunch of speculations... Nothing concrete.

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    • And this post is not one of them? What concrete research are you presenting today? For the past 6 months the longs stated there case and those who were intelligent and listen have made a lot of money. It just gets old repeating what we realized about a stock that was undervalued. Go back even 3 months and read the longs postings. They did there research and posted it when it was not popular to be long SUPG. They took a lot of abuse from morons like yourself and defended there position with strong confiction. But we have seen your kind before and find it amusing when you down grade us all the way to the bank. It just reassures us that all the work we did researching this stock before it became popular to own it, will payoff even more because of the lack of anything concrete that you think you brought to this board today.

    • I will watch this stock.