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  • mikeelpm mikeelpm Sep 13, 2006 7:20 PM Flag

    MOGN at Bear Stearn's HC Conf.

    Just listened to Bill Spengler's presentation at the Bear Stearns Health Care Conference on September 12th, 2006. Spenglere is the Exec. VP and CFO of MGI Pharma (where the Dacogen royalties come from). He started off with Dacogen saying it is part of their core business. Said "pleased with the results so far...recently exceeded 1,000 vials/week." Ongoing trials of Dacogen for AML (Phase III) and CML (Phase II)and pursuing other uses/combos.
    Does anyone know what "exceeding 1,000 vials per week" means in terms of gross sales and $$ to SUPG? Is this the most recent info we have (I did not get to hear the SUPG presentation today yet).

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    • It's only Sept. and there at 1000 vials a wk now....looks like that will be higher in Oct, nov, dec....I estimate 2006 sales at 35-40M. Frank is stretching for somke kind of negative twist here and just never seems to find it. Well he has to rationalize why he sold so early in such a growth product and a stock that's ripe for a buyout.

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      • I believe they might be charging $1500 per vial that is the number I remember be stated that they would sell the drug. It could be $1,200 number might include incentives to launch the drug. Either way I will take it. He said they recent hit 1K vials per week but for now they were not changing their estimates on sales. It is still available for listening.

    • At the mogn analyst meeting it was discussed that 5,927 vials equated to 7M in sales. That's $1,200.00 a vial @ 1,000 per week = 1,200,000.00 per week. For the 6 months 2006 sales would be around $31,200,000.00. Hope this helps...