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  • billyteex1 billyteex1 Sep 29, 2006 6:37 PM Flag


    Please share with us some of this vital knowledge you must have about SUPG. What's wrong with their balance sheet, pipeline and what info do you have on Dacogen? Please share your wisdom with all of us. Post it here now. Demonstrate to this board the facts that you have discovered. To have such a strong opinion on SUPG for over a year you must of discovered some bit of information that we all have overlooked. Plaus needs you as a hero and be the one who unlocked the critical piece of info. You can choose to answer back with some smart remark...but Larry that will show how little of a human being you really are. I have faith that you can produce one single piece of vital documented information to really get us longs to take notice and say man glad larry was here to show us how misinformed we were here. The spot light is on you....don't blow it by calling names or having frank or plaus do your bidding. Larry this one rest on your shoulders and I have faith that you will help me to decide to lock into profits here. Now if your just guessing here that will become evident, but I believe anyone who would risk money on a short position would continuely research their position ... Good Luck...I have faith you will let us down.