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  • billyteex1 billyteex1 Oct 12, 2006 4:15 PM Flag

    downgrades coming on Friday

    Please explain your reasoning. What news do you anticipate that would bring this downgrade? The 75M cash position, the increasing sales in Dacogen, the possibile sale of Nipent EU, the aml trials, EU approval of Dacogen, a possible partner for Orathecin or a possible partner for Supg pipeline. What news have you possibily discovered? Please share this knowledge with the world. Finally a basher who maybe will step to the plate with some concrete facts. Been waiting a long time for someone who actually has done his research before he post B/S to this board. Ok now spill this findings. Must be real please explain.

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    • Billy, you are wasting your valuable time responding to bashers. They come cheap; a dime a dozen!LOL. Got another 10k shares @5.03 today.

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      • Great move Macugen. I agree with you I'm wasting my time with bashers. Hard to reason with ignorance. I really welcome well thought out critcism of any stock I own. I could always overlook a vital piece of information that could be detrimental to my holdings. Since I bought and started posting to this board I can say with confidence that no one has produced one sound argument to my selling this stock. You would think with the WWW, they could produce one single trial where Dacogen has not met expectations. I'm getting a little over confident because you would believe by the amount of energy these bashers take to post, they would have produced something by now. It just scares me that this stock is that solid investment. I'm always looking for a reason to take profits and hoping they can post something of importance to make me take a step back and say 'yes I should watchout for this". The only thing I have discover so far from the bashers is how they missed a 65% rise on this stock. Then again from reading their posts-it doesn't surprise me.