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  • freetoquestionu freetoquestionu Oct 24, 2006 3:58 PM Flag


    Tomorrow after the close they announce their numbers. We could get the first hint that Dacogen's main competitor Vidazza, sales are in decline. They will have to give an accurate update and possibile discuss what they are seeing in the field. Last report Dacogen had about 34% of the market and was growing double digit and Vidazza was falling single digit. I may read PHRM last quarter numbers on Vidazza and projections to get a better understanding of tomorrow's numbers and see if they hit or miss the projection.

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    • Damn... the stocks up over 1.00. Bet you that Plaus wishes he actually owned some. They did have other drugs that looked promising and a quarter away from submitting to FDA. A good balance sheet.

    • Received a downgrade from Prudential stating:

      In a research note, the brokerage said of primary concern is competition from rival products that could prove to be clinically superior to Vidaza,

    • After the bell, we see Vidazza sales ...could be the first indication that Dacogen is doing very well.

    • Good post. Last quarter sales of Vidazza was 36.1M. Would be inportant to see how Vidazza is holding. They had a statement in their last quarter about a competitor product and were not sure at that time how it would effect their no 3rd quarter projection.

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      • I listened to the PHRM conference call. The said US sales of Vidaza were down $400K from the 2nd Q ($33.7mil) to the third Q ($33.3mil). Vidaza's only growth was in Europe (up from 2.4mil to 3.3mil) WW sales were $36.6mil. PHRM is looking for market expansion and new formulations/uses (ex. oral delivery) for Vidaza expansion. I suggest everyone listen to the CC b/c, even though I'm no stock genius, you can tell they are worried about Dacogen. A good percentage of the follow up questions had something to do with Vidaza/Dacogen competition and the answers were unclear and ambiguous.
        My take: Even though the market is expanding, Vidaza sales are down from last Q. How much is going to SUPG?